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I have a bachelor's degree in Law, a specialization in contract review, an MBA in Human Resources Management and a postgraduate degree in Strategic People Management. And even so, the "noiseho" from the audio got me louder ! 


with holdingson podcasts since 2009, I present, produce and edit audio podcasts in partnership work, voiceovers, vignettes and advertising, being the voice of many voiceovers, headlines and vignettes in the area. Presence as a guest, interviewee and host of podcast episodes on various topics.


After a few years of experiences in the media, I createdcompany named Fantasia "CallMaria"and, thus, providing services as an editor, I reached the position of full level in the execution ofbig brand podcast edits such as Globo, CNN, ESPM, Unimed, AMC Brazil, Vicunha, Entre os Grandes and others. I already eatannouncer, since then, there have been several recordings forcampaigns, vignettes, spots, institutional, narrations for video.



Como editora alcancei o cargo de nível pleno na execução de edições de podcasts de grandes marcas como Globo, CNN, ESPM, Unimed, AMC Brazil, Vicunha, Dentre os Grandes e outros. 

Já como locutora, desde então, foram diversas gravações para campanhas, vinhetas, spots, institucionais, narrações para vídeo.

Since 2021, I had the opportunity to live the experience, asHead of Editing Team, in leadership and coordination of the post production team, audio and video editing, project and deadline management,management of people, in the direction of recording and editing for institutional podcasts, guidance of content, audio and equipment.


Still in the role of Head, I have the honor of coordinating the edition of documentaries, radio spots, custom vignettes, trailers, sound identity.

Today I open exclusive availability for our"CallMaria, audiovisual solutions". We are ready to answer your questions, deliver voices, edits, consult and even coordinate your podcast project. 

Shall we arrange to hear each other?

Send your idea to or contact me on social media. 


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